We are delighted to report that we continue to win peer reviewed competitive awards. For example, we recently won Gold, three Silver and six Bronze Awards in the Epson International Photography Competition; First place in the San Remo Art Competition; First place in the Chelsea Art Show; The Canadian Founder's Award of the Biocommunications Association (BCA) in the US; an Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards and several certificates of Merit from the BCA: significant recognition of the quality of our work.
2017  Finalist for  Bowness Prize (Australia's Premier Photography Award).2017 Canadian Founder's Medal (BCA) USA2017 Winner Chelsea Art Show & 2017 Merit Award BCA, USA2017 Merit Award BCA, USA2017 Winner San Remo Art Show - Best Overall Photograph – Ellis River Whirlpool2017 Lens Mist – Finalist Top 20 for Paddle Boarder2016 International Photography Awards - Gigi Williams2016 Sandfall - Robin Williams2016 Bennalong Bay - Robin Williams2016 Skaftafellsjokul - Robin Williams2016 Frozen Lagoon - Robin Williams2016 Morning Mist - Robin Williams2016 Venetian Reflections - Gigi Williams2016 Arctic Sunrise - Gigi Williams2016 Las Glaciares - Robin Williams2016 Fiery Apostles - Gigi Williams2016 Infrared Uluru - Gigi Williams2016 Chelsea Art Show 2nd prize (Highly Commended) for Northern Sunrise2016 Chelsea Art Show 3rd prize (Commended) for Moonscape2015 Chelsea Art Show 3rd prize (Commended) for After the Burn