Robin Williams Photography | Masterclasses


We run Masterclasses on an occasional basis for convivial groups of enthusiastic and committed learners. We want our students to be as passionate about photography as we are.  In order to achieve the best possible learning outcomes for all, we have found from experience that it is best to limit both the number of participants and the range of expertise.  In this way our students are able to rapidly progress and obtain the best value from their time with us. Consequently you will find our Masterclasses are rather more expensive than those provided by other operators.  It also means that we do not take everyone that might wish to come on our Masterclasses.

To see some of the images produced on one of our most recent Masterclasses, and comments from participants, please see:

Wilson's Promontory Masterclass.

On one of our Masterclasses you will:

  • Work with an experienced, highly motivated, energetic, world-class teacher

  • Get an appropriate combination of ‘theory’ with ‘on location’ practice

  • Receive helpful review of your images with practical feedback on what to do to improve on both your aesthetic and technical skills

  • Be learning by doing

  • Experience highly productive locations

All our Masterclasses are taught by Robin, together with his wife, Gigi, and they will take you on a journey of exploration and realization of your aspiration to improve your photography.  Robin has been conducting workshops and Masterclasses for over 30 years in the UK, Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand with very positive feedback from all participants. 

"Best workshop I've ever attended"


"Robin is a born teacher – he makes complex techniques so easy to understand"


"I learned more on this week than in the three years of my degree program – absolutely fantastic"


"There's no substitute for learning hands-on from an expert – and Robin is without doubt an expert. He makes things so clear.  So many practical tips and techniques!  Just the Best."


"The very best professional development workshop that I have attended.  The teaching, facilities and accommodation were excellent. Robin in particular was a brilliant teacher.  I have learned so much.  I'll be back next year."


"Robin is a walking encyclopaedia of photography and his energy and enthusiasm are infectious"


To see the impressive credentials of both Robin and Gigi please see the About Robin and About Gigi sections of this site.  Join us for an intensive and immersive experience on a Masterclass to improve both your technical understanding of photography and your creative eye.  If you are interested in pursuing one of our Masterclasses in the future please contact us and we will be in touch to discuss your knowledge, experience, expectations and motivations. Should you be accepted onto a Masterclass, you will find yourself grouped with other learners of a similar skill level and disposition and be about to embark on a life changing experience.

If you don’t feel that our Masterclass is suited to your needs there are many other providers who run short courses  on, for example, how to operate your camera, how to photograph animals at the zoo, or an evening photo-walkabout in Melbourne at very low cost.  A simple internet search will find them, but we do not endorse any of these providers.  We can however say that if you are selected for one of our Masterclasses you will learn more than you can possibly imagine and turbocharge yourself into making better images.

"Thanks again for a magical weekend! For me it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I’ll always appreciate and never forget."