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Square format black-and white photography emphasises centrality and forces a simplicity in composition. When I was a teenager I occasionally borrowed a Mamiya C330 twin-lens reflex from Robert Leggat, the manager at Andersons Photographic Studio, where I worked on Saturdays. At the time I could only afford a very old Rolleicord! The Mamiya was extraordinary in that it allowed lenses to be changed and gave parallax-free reflex viewing. Forty years later, I couldn't resist purchasing a Mamiya C330 myself – yes I've gone "retro." Old School is so cool! It's great fun, but not without its challenges. Re-learning to see in monochrome and in a square aspect ratio is not easy. There's something about working with the 2.25 inch square format in monochrome. It's simple and elegant: part of a long tradition epitomised by the Rollieflex and Hasselblad. The Mamiya has enabled me to see differently with my digital cameras.