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In September 2015 we travelled to Southern Spain to photograph the incredible Festividad De La STMA, Virgen De La Luz. This Gallery records the celebrations of the town folk of Tarifa in Andalusia in honour of their Patron Saint. The Festival is held in honour of La Virgen De la Luz who was summoned by King Alfonso XI during the Battle of Salado in 1340 to protect the town against invasion by the Moors. Photography is defined as 'drawing with light.' Photographers are nothing without light: we record with it, we shape it, we wait for it and we chase it. What could be more appropriate then, than for two professional photographers to pay homage to the "Blessed Virgin of the Light"? The statue of the Virgin of the Light is carried 8km from her normal resting place in the hills high above the town to the Cathedral, accompanied by hundreds of horsemen and thousands of pilgrims. The camino takes all day and it is night before the Virgin reaches town. The week long celebrations include A Holy Mass, the crowning of a Festival Queen, Horse Championships and a funfare. All generations participate in the Feria with traditional Andalusian costumes being worn by many. We'd like to thank the many citizens of Tarifa who so willingly allowed us to share in their celebrations and to be photographed for this project.
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