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50 Shades of Grey by Robin Williams
Monochrome images have a special kind of impact in a world full of colour. Robin trained and began his professional practice working with monochrome, or “black-and-white”. Like many photographers of his generation, he became captivated at a very young age by the magic of an image appearing on a previously 'blank' piece of white photographic paper in the developing tray. The introduction of colour photography changed black-and-white into a specialised imaging technique – mostly used for fine art photography. The very absence of colour forces a different approach, one based on tonality, shape and form. Robin continues to enjoy working in monochrome. Often called ‘Black-and-White’ these images are not all black or white – they contain many shades of grey – and there are fifty here to enjoy!
Spectre II_2009496Icebergs IXIceland: Foam & Black SandSkogafossReynisfjara