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2024 got off to a fantastic start with us winning no less than eight awards in the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition; across three categories – Plants and the Planet, Wildflowers in the Landscape and Trees, Woods and Forests. This builds on our previous excellent performance (Robin won in 2021, Gigi won in 2023) in a major International competition that attracts over 20,000 entries. For more details of our competition successes click on the Awards tab.

2023 ended with a trip to Kangaroo Island in South Australia where we mostly concentrated on photographing "Remarkable Rocks". There are a few 'taster' images below but for the full portfolio please go to Images>Placed -based>Australia>Kangaroo Island.

August saw us on a trip to the rainforests of Borneo, where we were focussed on trying to photograph some of the island’s endemic animals and birds. Borneo is home to spectacular wildlife including Hornbills, Orangutans, Sun-Bears and Clouded Leopards. This is the land of longhouses and head-hunters. We spent our time around Mount Kinabalu, the Kinabatagan River, Sepilok and Sandakan. It was a huge shock to see how little pristine rainforest remains; Palm Oil plantations are everywhere. We felt incredibly privileged and sad at the same time to photograph the threatened wildlife of Borneo. For the full set of Borneo Images please visit the Borneo Gallery at Images>Places>Borneo

In May we headed south to Italy – we spent our time in Tuscany, more specifically the Val D’Orcia, then on the Italian Riviera photographing in the Cinque Terre. It was Spring and we were treated to a lot of rain, but also some incredible light, with at times almost ‘Biblical’ storms. This is just a small selection from the trip, for the full coverage head to the relevant Galleries: Images>Places>Italy>Tuscany and >Images>Places>Italy>Cinque-Terre. In Italy Gigi continued to explore her ‘Mindfulness’ project – the results of which can be found in the Galleries “Impressions of Tuscany” Images>Italy>Impressions and Cinque Terre Impressions Images>Italy>Cinque-Terre_Impressions.

Our first assignment for 2023 was to the Arctic in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere Winter. Going that far North in February is always a challenge and we certainly got our fair share of Gale Force winds, driving snow and double-digit temperatures below zero! The landscape however didn’t disappoint; in between ferocious snowstorms we were treated to moments of calm and Zen like images. We occasionally saw blue skies and the tops of the incredible mountains which rise straight from Sea level up to the clouds. We photographed around the Lyngen Alps and the Island groups of Kvaloya, Senja and Lofoten. For the full set of Norway Images please visit the Norway gallery at: Images>Places>Norway.

We hope you like this small sample of images (don't forget to click on 'show all') but as always please dive into the relevant Galleries for more beautiful images and leave us feedback in the Guestbook.

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OMG. Just discovered your Arctic images. So Beautiful. I've purchased 2 of your Aurora photos. Congrats both!
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