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At the start of 2020 we headed off for Europe, but unfortunately the Covid-19 Pandemic put a stop to all of our 2020 assignments – the Lofoten Islands of Norway, Devon and Yorkshire in the UK, The Cinque Terre and Val D'Orcia in Italy. We did manage to get one night in the arctic circle with Northern Lights before being repatriated back to Australia via the UK! Eight international flights and 46,000 km for one night's photography – not good for us, or the Planet!

Here in Melbourne we were under continuous Covid 19 restrictions from March to November – some of the longest and strictest social restrictions anywhere in the world. During the first months in quarantine isolation we spent time in the studio, rather than in the field! We completed the next project in our series that explores the relationship between liquids and light. This new, four-part work, called 'Photo-Synthetic' concerns creation and creativity and we have a few samples here for you to enjoy (don't forget to click on 'show all'). For full coverage of this latest body of work head to the ‘projects’ section of the site (Images>Projects>Photo-Synthetic).

In August Victoria was declared "a state of disaster" and in Melbourne we were effectively placed under house arrest with a curfew on the streets and only one person allowed out for one hour per day to buy essential food, or to exercise, no further than five kilometres from home. Feeling very depressed, and lacking any motivation, Robin set about using his i-phone on his daily exercise and the result – a collage of local Bathing Box photos – is shown below.

2021 is not looking much better – let's hope the global vaccination programme is a success. Our thoughts are with our friends, relatives, followers and customers at this difficult time. Stay safe everybody. It may be a very long time before we are able to post any images of new landscape locations. 2019 however saw us photographing in nine countries including: England, Scotland and North Wales; Slovenia, the Dolomites, Venice, Croatia, Montenegro and Cambodia. All these images can be found in their respective 'home' galleries, for example: >Places>Great Britain (UK)>England.
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