From time-to-time Robin is motivated to put pen to paper and write short 'think pieces' on various aspects of photography.  These will be made available in the future as .pdf files and can be selected from the list below as they are published.  Sorry we are a bit slow on this part of the website – we are having too much fun making great pictures and sharing our knowledge through Masterclasses.


http://Midday is OK

http://The accidental photographer

http://Teeny, Weeney wildflowers

http://Race around Bodie

http://Combat photography in slot canyons

http://Finding that elusive sunrise spot

http://Fast photography

http://Slow photography

http://The decisive moment

http://What's all this about Vision?

http://Why is all colour black-and-white?

http://Why Macro is not Micro

http://Is Bigger really better – the importance of pixel density

http://Truth & Reality in the Landscape Image

http://Cold, wet and out of lens cloth

http://Find your own Jökulsárlón