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Oceans of the Mind
Like many, as children, we laid on our backs staring into the sky – the never-ending Kaleidoscope of clouds and heavenly spaces transported one to a ‘different’ place – a place occupied not by the present but by the transcendental. Staring at the ocean with its ever changing ‘landscape’ of waves, vortexes, and sublime stillness transfixes us today as adults. In some senses this body of work – Oceans of the Mind – is a homage to Edward Steichen’s “Equivalents” (abstract images of clouds) but in others it is a modern exploration of 'Mindfulness' in our work. These images combine technical mastery with a sensibility for the ocean and all that the shapes and colours might mean. In attempting to be ‘Mindful’ – in the Moment – it is ironic that the mind imposes all kinds of meanings that are at once intensely personal but at the same time truly universal. This project is a work in progress and images will be added over time as I continue to explore this new way of seeing.