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‘Photo-Synthetic’ is a collaborative body of work in four parts that explores notions of creation, and therefore creativity. Set in the broader context of our longstanding fascination and photo-exploration of the interaction between light and liquids we have used the interactions between oil, water and light to represent the phases of the evolution of life on this fragile planet. Life in a liquid state. This series of photographs is the result of combining our backgrounds in science with our artistic sensibilities and aims to have the viewer engage in an world of interpretation and metaphor. Aristotle’s cosmic model was centred on fire, air, water and earth and you will find these embedded in the four series that make up ‘Photo-Synthetic’: ‘Primordial’, ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘Enlightenment’ and ‘Illumination’. Our use of natural elements – liquids, heat, light, gases – resonates with the processes that led to the development of the first living things from base elements. The exploration therefore begins with ‘Primordial’, at the very beginning of time, where we find swirling worlds of green, brown and black with the occasional flash of blue sky. Strange weird animals can be sensed – like putting a hand deep into a cold and slimy pond. In ‘Metamorphosis’ we find conspicuous changes in shape and form with heat and gases playing their part – surreal Dali-esque figures are emerging. There are shapes reminiscent of ova and spermatozoa – the beginning of life. Gas bubbles in the murky void coalesce. With ‘Enlightenment’ comes evidence of the senses as the source of knowledge – full of light and colour, uplifting and bright – like stained glass windows. Almost overwhelming, it can be easy to be seduced by the colour and detail of life. In ‘Illumination’ we experience the unveiling of things not previously known – we see clearly when there is less to see. The colours of white and saffron reflecting the mystical and transcendental. Simplicity is the key to understanding.
Primordial IPrimordial IIPrimordial IIIPrimordial IVPrimordial VPrimordial VIPrimordial VIIPrimordial VIIIPrimordial IXPrimordial XPrimordial XIPrimordial XIIMetamorphosis IMetamorphosis IIMetamorphosis IIIMetamorphosis IVMetamorphosis VMetamorphosis VIMetamorphosis VIIMetamorphosis VIII

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