When we look at a reflection we see something that varies between a mirror image of the subject and a moving, dynamic metaphor for the original. We are intrigued by it and quickly look up at the source of the reflection to satisfy ourselves about the original object/subject; but this leaves us unsatisfied and we stare back at the reflection as it morphs with movement and changing light. The longer we interrogate the reflection the more we see of ourselves – the observer – and the less of the original. Our mind wanders – we take time to think about, meditate on, evaluate and give serious thought to our behaviours, thoughts, attitudes, motivations and desires. Look carefully and at length, what do you see? What do you feel?

“Above there is reflection, Colourful and bright, Dancing in the sunlight, Shimmering at night. Just below the surface another world awaits, Holding onto mysteries until some future date. Our view will let us marvel that these two coexist and think on our experiences and those we might have missed. The world is full of beauty and also some surprise. Perhaps it is the future, Reflecting in our eyes” Robert Longley.
Windjana ReflectionsRaindancer