Both Robin and Gigi are committed to sharing and publishing their knowledge.  Unfortunately the profession is small and it has always been difficult to maintain a published body of knowledge in this field.  

Medical Photography Study Guide. 1984Medical Photography Study Guide. 1984ISBN 0-85200-742-6
Published by MTP Press, a Division of Kluwer Boston Inc.

The standard text in this field has been out-of-print for many years and the standard text for students of medical photography 'The Medical Photography Study Guide' disappeared from the bookshelves many years ago (Robin edited that book).  

In an attempt to capture the accumulated knowledge and place it on the web Robin and Gigi set about publishing a website with how-to-do-it information for doctors, medical photographers and scientists back in 2002.  The demands of professional practice meant that progress was slow but the most pressing demand was for authoritative knowledge concerning infra-red and ultra-violet photography and so these 'chapters' were posted to the web and have been very popular ever since. The technology has moved on, but despite the arrival of digital imaging there is still much of use on these pages.

Robin is committed to updating the website and bringing it into the digital age and work is already underway to create the other chapters on different aspects of clinical photography … if only there wasn't so many great things to photograph in life!  Access to the site can be found here:

Medical and Scientif WebsiteMedical and Scientific Website