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A Year at the Beach
Australians are "Girt by Sea" and the beach is a quintessential feature of the Australian psyche. We are often taken with the dramatic and colourful nature of a glorious seascape, with clouds, sea, sand and sun creating a memorable image in our minds. I too have been fascinated by the coastal view and often make detailed and dramatic photographs. However, for this body of work, I set about trying to record a series of images that would reduce the complex and detailed scene into something rather more 'essential' – the colour palate characteristic of the time of year, season, day or climatic conditions. I was attempting a more contemplative, perceptual approach. I used a process of image movement that caused the fine details to be lost as a horizontal blur. In a project that lasted over three years I recorded Edithvale Beach in Victoria from the same location, in all seasons and light, with the same technique, and eventually selected a small number of images that represent moments across "A Year at the Beach."