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Clay-colored Thrush (National Bird)Black-mandibled ToucanGrayish SaltatorRufous-collared SparrowRufous-collared sparrow (Immature)White Winged DoveHairy WoodpeckerNorthern JacanaLittle Blue HeronGreen HeronGreen Kingfisher (Female)Amazon KingfisherAmazon KingfisherAnhinga (Male)Anhinga (Female)Snowy EgretProthonotary WarblerRinged KingfisherBare-throated Tiger-HeronBare-throated Tiger-Heron

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Garry Warne(non-registered)
Bird photography is so difficult but in this amazing set you have magnificent images of literally hundreds of species, and they're so colourful! It's unfair to separate any of them out, but for the record, my favourites were numbers 13, 51, 71, 89, 98, 142, 153 and 227.
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