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Just outside Puerto Natales, Chile, at the very bottom of South America near Cape Horn, is a 'harbour' full of wrecked fishing boats. Their names – Puyehue, Lincazo, Cristal Marino, Mobi-Dick and Daniel – reflecting the rich ethnic heritage of this part of South America. Although smelling of fish decay and general rubbish, the boats have their own visual charm. Layers of different coloured paint reveal long histories. In common with almost every fishing community around the world, depletion of fishing stocks and competition with large commercial fisheries has put all these owner-operated boats out of action. The grey 'brooding' Antarctic skies, harsh light, and faded paints in shadow, all create their own photographic challenge. We used a High Dynamic Range (HDR) technique and over-processed colours to create a feeling of 'grunge' in keeping with the subject matter. We hope you enjoy it.