This Gallery pays homage to our favourite Melbourne installation artist Rone. Twelve installations were set in the long-abandoned third-floor of Flinders Street Station to create Time – a nostalgic love letter to mid-century Melbourne and a tribute to one of the city’s great icons. Time captures both the grand scale and character of the site and the minute detail of a period of Melbourne’s history long lost to progress. A fictional history that transports audiences to post-WWII Melbourne, Time is inspired by an era when European migrants powered the city’s booming manufacturing industries. A vignette of mid-century working-class life and an ode to the faded yet enduring beauty of this forgotten place, Time captures the spirit of the city’s industrious past while offering glimpses of the station’s role as a once-glorious hub of work, learning and social life. We sincerely hope that our photography captures the essence of what was an extraordinary, immersive, multisensory, installation.
News StandPostal SortingTelephone switchboardSewing RoomSewing IISewing DetailTyping PoolThe Staff ShopEntertainment StoreEconomics ClassVictorian Railways OfficeVictorian Railways Office IIThe Library IThe Library IIThe Library IIIThe Library IVArt ClassBehind the ClockBehind the TimeThe Party is Over