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The Californian coastline from Monterey south to Santa Maria – called ‘The Big Sur’ – is wild and unpopulated, with the Santa Lucia Mountains rising almost directly from the Pacific Ocean, which pounds the rocks mercilessly. Point Lobos, near Carmel, at the Northern end is to Edward Weston what Yosemite is to Ansel Adams. It was here that Weston lived with his muses Tina Modotti and Sonya Noskowiak and produced much of his most famous work. His sons Brett and Cole continued the special photographic relationship with Point Lobos. Today Point Lobos is a tightly controlled State Park, with limited entry and many areas fenced off for “scenic restoration”. The iconic trees and bays much photographed by Weston and his sons are now largely “off limits” to photographers. The place however still has a magical quality, with echoes of the beauty that Weston photographed over 85 years ago. We visited in 2016 as a kind of "pilgrimage": in homage to Edward Weston many of our images are in monochrome. We hope you enjoy our images of the Big Sur: if you do please leave comments in the Guestbook, or of course order a print!