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We were recently privileged to work with the great team over at Mezzanine films on a television series called Photo Number 6. It is a reality television program combining the adventure of travel with the joy of photography. It is in the modern genre of celebrity travel shows – the celebrity in this case being Alan Fletcher– the Australian actor known across the world for his 23 year run as “Dr Karl” in the iconic series “Neighbours.” What most people don’t know is that Alan Fletcher is also a very competent photographer and has been photographing fellow actors, and his travels, for over 20 years – he’s also a great musician by the way! The series was made by Mezzanine Films under the brilliant Direction of Stig Wemyss and Producer Lee Robinson along with the highly competent team from Mezzanine. As close friends and creative colleagues Stig and Alan have a great rapport and bring a natural ease and humour to the programs. The series recently aired in Australia on Channel 10 and has a Global distribution contract in place so will be coming to a channel near you soon, so watch out for it! We were fortunate to consult to the team and featured in the Australian episode (the series took the viewer around the world with episodes in Scotland, England, the US, Iceland, Africa and France amongst others). We hope you enjoy our short, edited, extract from episode 5 (click on the first image below) but more importantly urge you to watch the whole series when you can and get involved via their website, Instagram and Facebook accounts. The images after the video were taken on location along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria during the making of the program.