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This is not a gallery of high-quality photography; it is a homage to a brilliant English author with a photographic memory and a true sense of 'place' who could describe in words, better than most of us can with images, the English landscape. In September 2014 Jane, Trevor and Robin Williams spent seven days tracing locations relating to Thomas Hardy's life and work in "Wessex", the ancient Kingdom resurrected by Hardy. From Swanage in the East to Boscastle in the West they covered six Counties and dozens of locations (too many to record fully here). Hardy was one of England's greatest authors with 15 novels, 50 short stories and over 900 poems to his name. He made 'place' central to his narrative – almost at times a character – and had a unique ability to observe, remember and recreate the details of rural life in Dorset. Often described as a pessimistic fatalist, Hardy believed that he described life as it really was, with luck and chance playing its part in the lives of his characters as they struggled against their passions and social circumstances. His novels were controversial and profoundly challenging at the time of publication. Indirectly he documented a rural way of life that had changed little in 400 years, but which has now gone forever, save for echoes in folk music and a few country activities like Maypole dancing, or the making of Corn Dollies. After 35 years as a bachelor, Hardy was married twice – to Emma Gifford for 38 years and then to Florence Dugdale for 14 years – until his death at the age of 87 in 1928. In Hardyan, 'gothic' style, his heart belonged to Dorset and is buried with the rest of his family in Stinsford graveyard, his body belonged to the Nation and is buried in Poet's corner, Westminster Abbey.
Thomas Hardy OMThe Old Post Office, Lower BockhamptonTrevor & Jane on the TrailThe Hardy CottageThe Kitchen, Hardy's CottageFiddles at Hardy CottageSitting Room, Hardy CottageHardy's Bedroom at the CottageThe Water MeadsStinsford Church, Lower BockhamptonSt Michael's Stinsford, InteriorThe River Frome at BockhamptonThe Old Roman RoadGrey's BridgeThomas Hardy Aged 19WeymouthSt Juliot's ChurchSt Juliot's InteriorEma Hardy (nee Gifford)Hardy the married man